Measuring up Vancouver

I’m really excited this week for my good friends over at Measured Architecture .
They have just been named as the Western Living Architectural Designer of the year for 2015!

Measured is a practice that revolves around collaboration with tradespeople, artisans to craft spaces of that revolve around a way of being.
It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with them on a number of their projects, both during the process and after completion.


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WHOLE TEAM! Keep up the amazing work.

A couple of my favourite moments from in their projects.
(Project titles will take you to more photographs)

Equinox Gallery

Equinox Gallery - Measured ArchitectureLDP070_0050-20-BlogEquinox Gallery - Measured Architecture

Cloister Laneway House

Measured Architecture-Laneway HouseMeasured Architecture-Laneway HouseMeasured Architecture-Laneway House

Rough House / We are Hard at Work


Grade House


Gallery Penthouse


Cleft House
LAP0130_000456-BlogMeasured - Whistler Residence



Measured Architecture-We Work Here