It’s common knowledge that most photographers are gear junkies…what most people don’t realise is that each lens, each camera is a tool (toy) with a specific purpose and character.  Knowing what to use, and when, is part of the craft.  When a new piece of equipment comes along, it opens your eyes, allowing you to re-see a method of communication.

Andrew works with a Phase One Medium format digital back and Arca-Swiss technical camera.  A modern version of a 4×5 or 8×10 that allows him total perspective and creative control.  There’s that added benefit that the digital file quality is unsurpassed by any other camera.  Multi-year architectural projects deserve this.  Andrew is proud to be an ambassador for Phase One cameras – who’s camera systems let deliver on his belief that the photography of architecture deserves photography with the best equipment possible..

He has worked with 35mm (Canon, Sony and Pentax ) cameras,  Arca-Swiss, Induro, Lee, Mamiya Leaf, Pentax, Schneider.

He keeps totally up to date on the craft of modern-day digital photography.

At a personal level, he still shoots film for individualised character of each emulsion, along with the practice of analysis.  Understand.  Think.  Press the shutter.