We understand Architecture.

We make photographs for architects and other creative people of their designed work.

We love this and our days are better for it.  We think the world is too.

Latreille Photography 2020 Team

Our partners and clients are predominantly architects and include other built environment professionals, developers, design agencies and editorial publications.  Whether local or international, they all have a common drive to push the boundaries of design at varying scales and do so for the improvement of the human condition.

This is great because we are driven to create photographs that promote the discussion, wider understanding and appreciation of architecture and the built environment.

The team is led by Andrew Latreille who hails from Melbourne, Australia and lives now in Vancouver, Canada.  He is a trained and registered non-practicing architect (Australia) and an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada and The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators

Andrew likes to explore projects that encompass a ‘total narrative’ where beauty is found not only in the finished building and its relationship to its landscape or surrounds, but in the way it takes shape.  He is regularly commissioned to photograph the ‘process’ of making architecture.

Growing up surrounded by architecture, Andrew then spent 15 years learning about designing and making buildings. While absorbing the ‘big picture’ he was always aware of the importance of linking small details to overall concepts.  His current photographic process and resulting imagery reflects the rigorous process developed during his time as an architect.

His team is young, passionate and willing to explore any new way to describe Architecture and the built environment.  Head over to the Team page to meet us individually.