Andrew’s life if full of grooving to 80’s tunes in the car, americanos from Thomas Haas, and often-misunderstood Australian sarcasm – sometimes all at the same time… He is a husband, father and past athlete who enjoys making images for amazingly creative people.

He does this because he gets to spend time with pieces of Architecture that shape people’s lives and enjoys the challenge of consolidating a narrative into a unique, concise and atmospheric collection of photographs. He believes that every piece of architecture has its own voice and will tell you how to photograph it…much like a portrait. If he’s not on a winter photoshoot trying to keep the laptop from dying or lenses from freezing, he’s probably doing something to keep him on the straight & narrow like reading, gardening, meditating, or exercising.

One standout project: Despite having warm Australian blood, photographing anything in subzero temperatures gets me excited

Andrew is proud to be an ambassador for Phase One cameras, working with the worlds largest camera sensor – the IQ4 (150 Mega Pixels)


Rachael grew up in Costa Rica, moved to Vancouver to pursue photography, and now balances her creativity working in the architectural and concert industries.
A valuable member of the team, she’s fantastic at moving furniture, wheeling camera bags, but her specialty is in the colouring and retouching your photos,

Most importantly, she brings lots of smiles when on set.  During her time in the architectural side of the photography world, she’s learned that a building is communicating a message and it’s our job as artists to help translate that to the general public. She loves music and fine art, cuddling her dogs, and navigating the thin line between feeling energized versus feeling jittery from coffee.

One standout project: “NSDA’s The Village. The architecture was whimsical, happy, and playful, something Vancouver doesn’t see a ton of.”


Jevan is all things video, which makes sense because he’s a filmmaker. He love’s sleepy time tea at the end of a long day.  People and places at the fringe, those who explore new forms and move culture forward fascinate him. Through image and sound, he creates intimate, immersive, and descriptive stories. In working with architectural subject matter, he’s realized the impact architecture can have on the ways we experience and perceive our surroundings, ourselves, and each other.  He’s always excited by a new take on a familiar theme, and likes to explore, talk, listen, read, write, & dream in his down time.

One of Jevan’s favourite projects is Social Reflections.


Nate’s pretty much the team coffee and beer geek. Whether it’s before sunrise and we need 10 americanos each or the end of a long day of photography, he’s got a list of cafes and breweries under his hat with comparing and contrasting features for each.

He’s a valuable assistant and retoucher , but now his time is filled with writing music and colour grading our video project.

He’s developing his fine art photography, creating images that are simple, powerful, and shapely. Since he’s been involved in architectural photography, he’s learned how it’s really about people. Architecture serves people and it’s driven by people. When he’s not working, he spends his time cooking and gardening in the summer, going for walks with his girlfriend & their black lab, and making pretty music.

One standout project: “OMB’s College of New Caledonia Heavy Trades Building was pretty special in the snow


Philipp is a dual citizen of Canada and Switzerland, making him maybe the most outgoing and chatty of the entire team. He completed high school in China and loves to travel. Due to his diverse upbringing, he’s fluent in French, English, German, and is continually improving his Mandarin. Three things that make him smile are Andrew’s cat, Sabu, warm weather, and sunshine – two of which are hard to come by in Vancouver, he’s quickly discovering. In the mornings, you can find him at Perchance coffee shop, and at night he’s savoring a glass of red wine. He’s currently the Junior Photographers Assistant, which entails planning for upcoming shoots, assisting on shoots, archiving, and post-production. By being exposed to a variety of spaces and environments, he’s been able to enhance his affinity for architecture and improve his practical skills. He’s learned that good architecture seamlessly blends into any environment and can drastically improve the quality of life of those inhabiting the space. Philipp enjoys making images that are balanced, orderly, and proportional, and when he’s not behind the camera, he likes to go for walks with his girlfriend and teach skateboarding.


Geordie is a drone pilot and has travelled to over 35 countries. The team is still wondering how he manages that kind of mileage with the short lifetime of a drone battery, but he’ll never tell. If you speak drone, this one’s for you: he’s flown over 100 different drones, from micro drones to single propeller on a fixed wing planes up to a heavy lift octocopter. Through his involvement in architectural photography, he’s learned that there is opportunity to create pieces of art and make massive contributions towards society. When Geordie isn’t working, he might be flying freestyle & racing drones, gardening, hiking, snowboarding, doing yoga, spending time with friends & family, or delving into deep philosophy. He’s a busy guy.

One standout project: “One, two, three for Powers Construction and MA+HG Architects.”

Past team members:

We’ve had an amazing group of people on our team in the past and everyone brings their own skills, eyes, opinions and humor to our days.
I’m deeply grateful for all the time spent with these people and know the photography world is a better place for their part in it.  Thank you.

Raymond Fryer
Mathew Smith
Roland Dempster
Jan Snarski