Solitary Soles

A process of opening

Equinox Gallery - Measured Architecture

So much of what we do is about process…..the owner of the Equinox gallery contemplates the layout for an upcoming exhibition. Our process during this project for Measured Architecture saw us grow to familiarity with the space; the beautiful variety of light within and the balance between the muted tones of the industrial ceiling hovering […]

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Loneliness is peaceful

Buildings, Bike Racing and an industrial suburb…. A long time mate on a solo breakaway during a Sunday morning race…… (incidentally, he got up for 2nd place)  

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Which Way Next?


My architectural photography work has been recognized with an honorable mention in the Buildings – Architecture category in the Lucie Foundation’s 2013 International Photography Awards. Taken back in 2011 at the end of a European trip (where we saw Cadel Evens win Australia’s first ever Tour de France – but that’s another story) as we […]

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