The City

2015 Spider Awards

I’ve always had an affinity for black and white imagery.  My first photographs were made on a Pentax K1000 and developed in the primary (elementary) school dark room.  I shot exclusively in Black and white for the first 10 years I held a camera. It developed a mindset that focuses your attention to light, form, material […]

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Hey There from the Air

Early March I had the opportunity to shoot a great little house for my talented mates of Architecture Architecture. They refer to it as the ‘Hey There House’  If you’d like to read a little more about it, it was featured in a recent newsletter.  Go here and don’t forget to sign up to keep […]

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A Forest of Sorts

Architectural Observations

Watson Lake is on Highway 1. Why not drive from Vancouver to Whitehorse . . . you’d pass by this interesting ‘Forest’. Signs have been appearing since 1942 when a US army officer decided it was a good idea to install a sign providing directions to his home town, distance along with an arrow…(one of […]

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Loneliness is peaceful

Buildings, Bike Racing and an industrial suburb…. A long time mate on a solo breakaway during a Sunday morning race…… (incidentally, he got up for 2nd place)  

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Fall colours in Vancouver

How lucky have we been this Autumn? Golden light, light winds, colourful leaves – and I found myself atop a roof in Dunbar to see this vista of the city! Not bad eh!

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Urban Inuvik

The urbanity of this Arctic town is spacious, open and utilitarian.  The people who live there, some of the most welcoming I’ve come across. Inuvik is located 200 kms north of the Arctic Circle and 100km from the Arctic Ocean and sit’s along the line where the Boreal Forests give way and the Tundra takes […]

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Morning Reflections

Vancouver Tower Reflections

Waiting in the lounge of the Bentall Building, the early morning light started to cut through one of Vancouvers View Corridors. The variety of buildings, curtain walls and the softness of the reflected light was just gorgeous..thank god for always having a camera (I mean phone) in your pocket……

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Pianos and Fireworks

On my return walk home from an evening shoot for DYS Architecture (conveniently within walking distance) I passed the ‘Keys to the street Piano’ at Spyglass dock. Keys to the street is a public initiative that places pianos in 4 locations around Vancouver this summer.  It`s been creating intrigue, enjoyment and public interaction all over […]

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