Exhibiting at the 2018 Venice Biennale

We’re just back from Venice, where at the end of May a selection of our photography opened in an exhibition at the 2018 Venice Biennale.

The collection of photographs is titled THEN and NOW  is featured in the exhibition, TIME SPACE EXISTENCE organized by the GAA Foundation now through November 25 2018.

Head to this LINK after reading this to see the exhibited photographs along with a video

THEN and NOW is an ongoing photographic exploration. It explores the notions of impermanence and memory looking into juxtaposition, into what happens – and what results – during the making of architecture. It outlines the creation, and shows the finished work.

As a culture we are viewing and digesting architecture through imagery more than ever before.  We laud the finished works, yet generally have little understanding of the process, how long it can take, how intricate it is, the numerous skilled people involved in making it, or the contributions this makes to society.  This process of making architecture is intertwined with the future of our cities, their societies, and economies.  From a photographic stance, it can yield extremely beautiful, moving and telling moments

THEN: February 05, 2015 / 09:34 / 49.25°N 123.15°W / Moderate Rain / 9.5 °C

My experience at the Biennale showed me I’m not alone in my desire to uncover and represent the journey of a building’s design and construction.  The world is returning to a place where the average consumer cares and wants to know about how or where something is made.  Architecture is moving along the same track, the public want the veil of mystery to lift, they want to know who and how the spaces they live in are designed and made!

THEN: July 15, 2014 / 09:24 / 49.25°N 123.15°W / Mainly Clear / 18.7 °C

THEN: July 31, 2015 / 11:20 / 49.22°N 123.11°W / Clear / 23.3 °C


TIME SPACE EXISTENCE, hosted by the European Cultural Centre, is housed in the Palazzo Mora, a 400 year old building with uneven terrazzo flooring and an exposed beam ceiling, the perfect location for visitors to contemplate ideas of time, space and existence in relation to architecture and the spaces they inhabit on a day to day basis.


This collection of imagery wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the trust and support of the Architects and the contracting teams on site.  Thank you to everyone!

KPMB Architects / PUBLIC Architecture / Proscenium Architecture / DGS Construction  /  Measured Architecture / Powers Construction  /  Teeple Architects / Bird Construction  /  Perkins+ Will Vancouver  /  Kobayashi+Zedda Architects