German Inside, German Outside

Courtyard or Living room. The German exhibit….I loved it.  What is inside, what is outside? Highly detailed and beautifully constructed, this exhibit kept toying with you.  There were ideas of a building within a building.  It was after all the reconstruction of the Chancellor’s Bungalow in Bonn. To see more Venice Bienalle Photographs go here

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French Failings…

A wonderfully contemplative exhibit, the French Pavilion reviewed movement of modern architecture and its ‘Real’ impact on the people of the time…did they find it disappointing? Angular spaces that intersected and allowed circulation that was uninhibited and allowed you to return easily to review an area that now posed new questions. The story was told through […]

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Libeskind at the drawing board

Scales of back-lit glass curving their way down a corridor…sketches imprinted in them. Wild and fluid, not like the rigorously axial projects of Daniel Libeskinds I have visited in the past. The architect notes that he is exploring the changing of the way we design…..the drawing board, paraline, set square are gone and we are […]

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Brazilian Filters

The 2014 Brazilian Exhibit is a history lesson.  One that you could fundamentally enjoy… We are taken on a chronological visual diary describing the evolution of Brazilian architecture.  As you delve further the characters (Architects) who were so prevalent (Burle Max, Niemeyer, etc) to this  ‘modern’ movement become more regularly referenced  (along with their collaborations), and […]

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A process of opening

Equinox Gallery - Measured Architecture

So much of what we do is about process…..the owner of the Equinox gallery contemplates the layout for an upcoming exhibition. Our process during this project for Measured Architecture saw us grow to familiarity with the space; the beautiful variety of light within and the balance between the muted tones of the industrial ceiling hovering […]

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Loneliness is peaceful

Buildings, Bike Racing and an industrial suburb…. A long time mate on a solo breakaway during a Sunday morning race…… (incidentally, he got up for 2nd place)  

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40 foot Totem - Keith Wolf Smarch

Until I moved to Canada, I was oblivious to the similarities between the ‘First Nations’ people of Canada and the ‘Aborigines’ of Australia and the ‘Māori’ of New Zealand.  They share a common struggle in the transition of their knowledge, history and culture to younger generations. During the last couple of years, I’ve had the […]

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Which Way Next?


My architectural photography work has been recognized with an honorable mention in the Buildings – Architecture category in the Lucie Foundation’s 2013 International Photography Awards. Taken back in 2011 at the end of a European trip (where we saw Cadel Evens win Australia’s first ever Tour de France – but that’s another story) as we […]

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