Fall colours in Vancouver

How lucky have we been this Autumn? Golden light, light winds, colourful leaves – and I found myself atop a roof in Dunbar to see this vista of the city! Not bad eh!

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Morning Reflections

Vancouver Tower Reflections

Waiting in the lounge of the Bentall Building, the early morning light started to cut through one of Vancouvers View Corridors. The variety of buildings, curtain walls and the softness of the reflected light was just gorgeous..thank god for always having a camera (I mean phone) in your pocket……

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Pianos and Fireworks

On my return walk home from an evening shoot for DYS Architecture (conveniently within walking distance) I passed the ‘Keys to the street Piano’ at Spyglass dock. Keys to the street is a public initiative that places pianos in 4 locations around Vancouver this summer.  It`s been creating intrigue, enjoyment and public interaction all over […]

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