The North comes South

Sometimes things just happen right. We were on the west coast of Vancouver Island in a town called Tofino for a weekend with friends. Tofino is renowned for a couple of things; it’s beauty, the weather and it’s waves. Surfers flock there year round, people roll in during summer to enjoy the beaches and explore […]

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German Inside, German Outside

Courtyard or Living room. The German exhibit….I loved it.  What is inside, what is outside? Highly detailed and beautifully constructed, this exhibit kept toying with you.  There were ideas of a building within a building.  It was after all the reconstruction of the Chancellor’s Bungalow in Bonn. To see more Venice Bienalle Photographs go here

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Rem’s Fundamental Thinking

Rem Koolhaas… does a building go together? ‘Well, it has numerous parts to it’….and these parts have changed over time. Bringing the methods of design and construction down to its simplest forms in terms that people with no Architectural or building knowledge can understand. It is a massive exhibition, exhaustive and details, but simple. My […]

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40 foot Totem - Keith Wolf Smarch

Until I moved to Canada, I was oblivious to the similarities between the ‘First Nations’ people of Canada and the ‘Aborigines’ of Australia and the ‘Māori’ of New Zealand.  They share a common struggle in the transition of their knowledge, history and culture to younger generations. During the last couple of years, I’ve had the […]

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